The pest control visit

Routine pest control visits consist of:

The monitoring and inspection of all contracted internal and external areas of site. Treatment is carried out using pertinent formulations when infestation of any scheduled pest is found during the monitoring and inspection visit. Where evidence suggests the presence of a non scheduled pest, this evidence is brought to your attention immediately and recommendations are given to quickly resolve this issue.

Please note that FMPS will always undertake minor proofing works to prevent the ingress of rodents at no extra charge, however, should we need to carry out more extensive works we will bring this to your attention and levy an additional charge.

Careful consideration is given at all times to Health and Safety implications and approved formulations are used at all times and are applied in accordance with our own C.O.S.H.H. assessment.

Wherever possible our intention is to keep pesticide usage to a minimum and treatments are always carried out after careful analysis has been made of the source and harbourage of any infestation.

At the end of each routine visit the pest control technician will submit a report detailing the level of pest activity (if any) on your site. This report will need to be countersigned by the person responsible for managing the service or their designate.

The report will then be placed in the onsite report book which will also include your site specific COSHH assessment, along with other details regarding the work we undertake on your behalf.

This report is not just to verify our visit but also so that we can make you aware of any recommendations we may have regarding housekeeping, proofing and hygiene matters, which should be met in order to limit conditions conducive to infestation.

Emergency call-outs will be carried out for the scheduled pests within twenty-four hours of receipt of any request being made, within normal working hours.

This facility is provided 365 days a year.

All of our technical staff and service managers will be dressed in company uniform and carry I.D. badges. All technicians and managers have been trained in the selection and use of the correct P.P.E. for each application, along with its safe disposal when works have been completed.

To achieve and maintain the highest levels of control, F M Pest Solutions Ltd will continue to source the most effective materials, preparations and equipment available to ensure that the provision of our services on every site remains constantly at the forefront of industry technology.