Fly Control Systems

Electronic Fly Killing Units

Available in a range of sizes and fitting options, all our units attract flying insects by omitting ultra-violet light. Simple to install and using less electricity than a 100-watt bulb, they provide 24/7 flying insect control.
All units are fitted with shatterproof tubes as standard and flying insects are disposed of using either a low powered electrical charge or are caught on a renewable adhesive cartridge.

Units can be purchased or hired with various maintenance options available.

Insect Screening Services

F M Pest Solutions can supply and install insect screens to any type of internal and external door or window.

Surpassing local authority standards, our insect screens are easy to clean and enable ventilation while denying insects access, helping to prevent food contamination.

All of our products and services are supplied only after we have evaluated your needs. This includes a free site survey followed by a detailed report in which we will make our recommendations.

If however your enquiry is urgent, we can arrange to attend your site and carry out immediate treatment.